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Foam Roller - DMT Massage - Yoga Roll

Foam Roller - DMT Massage - Yoga Roll

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SportRoll Foam Roller - Rollerfitness roller is the ideal stretching tool that comes in blue and black colors. Ideal for a number of rehab and fitness exercises. By rolling to break up tight muscles and knots, the unique textured surface will help increase blood flow.  The high-density foam roller works as a self-myofascial massage tool.

A foam roller is a cylindrical fitness tool made of foam that is commonly used for self-myofascial release (SMR), a technique that helps relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility. It is often used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking to alleviate muscle tightness or discomfort.

Using a foam roller involves applying pressure to different areas of the body, typically the muscles, to release knots, trigger points, and adhesions in the fascia—the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. This technique is similar to getting a massage but can be done independently.

To use a foam roller, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate foam roller: Foam rollers come in various sizes and densities. Beginners may find it more comfortable to start with a softer foam roller, while those who prefer deeper pressure may opt for a denser one.

  2. Position yourself: Find a comfortable space with enough room to lie down. Place the foam roller on the floor and position yourself accordingly.

  3. Target the muscle group: Identify the specific muscle group you want to target, such as your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, or back.

  4. Apply pressure: Slowly roll your body over the foam roller, using your body weight to apply pressure to the targeted area. Start with gentle pressure and increase as needed, but avoid excessive discomfort or pain.

  5. Roll slowly: Move the foam roller back and forth along the muscle, covering the entire area. You can also pause on any particularly tight or tender spots to focus the pressure there.

  6. Adjust angles: To access different angles and areas, you can rotate your body or reposition the foam roller. For example, you can roll your calves by crossing one leg over the other or roll your back by supporting yourself on your forearms.

  7. Duration: Spend around 1-2 minutes rolling each muscle group. You can gradually increase or decrease the duration based on your comfort and needs.

  8. Breathe and relax: Take slow, deep breaths as you roll to encourage relaxation and release tension.

Remember, foam rolling should not be excessively painful or cause injury. If you experience severe pain or discomfort, consult with a healthcare professional. Additionally, if you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, it's advisable to seek guidance from a professional to ensure you are using the foam roller safely and effectively.




foam yoga roller: massage roller


Size: 26*7.5cm,30*9.5cm,33*14cm

Roller Type: Fitness Foam Roller

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PVC+EVA,PP+EVA

Features3: Leg muscle training

Features2: Muscle Relaxation Training

Features1: Back muscle training

Color: Black/Purple/red

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Application Crowd: Women and Men


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